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Ahmadinejad’s Popularity Fading Fast!

Posted by Atilla89 on July 16, 2007

Finally, some good news that is coming out of Iran. I’ll give you the statistics first and leave you to read the rest of the article from Pajamas Media:

Baztab recently ran a poll asking users if they would vote for Ahmadinejad or not. Each computer was only allowed one vote, and 20,177 voters took part.

There were four questions and each voter could choose only one. The votes were broken down into two categories — those who for Ahmadinejad in 2005 in Category One, and those who did not in Category Two:

Category One

  1. I voted for Ahmadinejad in 2005, and would vote for him again: 37.5%
  2. I voted for Ahmadinejad in 2005, but would not vote for him again: 62.5%

Category Two

  1. I did not vote for Ahmadinejad in 2005, but would vote for him next time: 5.3%
  2. I did not vote for Ahmadinejad in 2005, and would not vote for him again: 94.7%

The results are an astounding setback for Ahmadinejad. 62.5% of voters who said that they voted for him in 2005 would not do so again. This is first and foremost due to the combination of the abysmal performance of his economic policies and his inability to cut corruption, as he promised to do in 2005.

The rationing of petrol has only made things worse. On the day the rationing plan was started, a popular SMS was doing the rounds of millions of mobile phones in Iran. The message read, “No petrol to drive your car to work? Don’t worry. Use one of the 17 million donkeys who voted for Ahmadinejad to ride to work.” This message worried the administration so much that the entire SMS system was shut down for a day in order to enable the Ministry of Communication to delete the insulting messages from the network.

Although Ahmadinejad is unpopular, the West must not think that it has a blank to check to do what it wants in Iran. Every time the words “regime change” are uttered by neocons in Washington the extremists score political loyalty points. Something they desperately need. The UN may seem toothless from the perspective of Washington. But it is one of the most useful and powerful organizations for tackling extremists in Iran due to its international composition, and the very fact that Iran itself is a member. Such legitimacy strikes fear in the heart of Ahmadinejad’s government like no other foreign organization can.


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