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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Review

Posted by Atilla89 on July 13, 2007

Saw the movie yesterday and it was excellent. A serious 5/5 effort that rips the other Harry Potter movies easily. It had humor (Ron got owned both verbally and through magic by Hermione), great fight scenes and best of all the movie was fairly loyal to the book – it had all the good parts from the book in it. The acting was great, with a great scene involving Ron, Hermione and Harry sitting around the fireplace in the common room joking.

The two funniest characters of the film were Dudley Dursley and Luna Lovegood both of them hysterical when they came on. Anyway, go see the film, you won’t be disappointed.


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Double analysis today: Fatah, Hamas, Russia and Iran

Posted by Atilla89 on July 13, 2007

The first one is from the Jerusalem post:

It talks about the political dilemma for Israel with  negotiating with  Fatah  when Fatah themselves are sidelining themselves politically to Hamas which is the obvious dominant power. Here is one extract which I love and I hope Olmert will listen to and not make the same mistake twice:
Israel’s frustration with Hamas’s buildup emanates mostly from its failure to influence the Palestinians’ internal balance of power. Israel is entangled in a “bear-hug paradox”: Its obvious gestures toward moderate Fatah elements weaken those elements politically, while confrontation with Hamas or other extremist elements may even strengthen their status.

Therefore, Israel’s efforts to strengthen Abbas should be conducted wisely. For example, Abbas should not receive free gifts. Gestures like the release of Fatah prisoners should be carried out only in return for Palestinian concessions following negotiations, so as not to be considered suspicious. Moreover, Israel should seek to transfer powers and authorities to the PA. Only when the West Bank is ruled by a genuinely self-governing Palestinian authority will there be a chance for the creation of a partner.

Personally I think Israel should just completely ignore Hamas (stop with any type of humanitarian aid – they don’t want it: Hamas banned Israeli fruit and vegetable, wtf? Israel should then be responsive to Fatah talks but make sure that any concessions made by Israel result in something good for Israel! To put it bluntly, I hate Hamas, I hate Fatah and I hate Olmert!

The next article of analysis comes from MEMRI by the way of Front Page Magazine:   I’ll just give the introduction to the article so you all know what its about:

The current crisis in Iranian-Russian relations focuses on two areas: a) the delay in the construction and activation of the nuclear reactor at Bushehr; and b) Iran’s missile project.

Russia’s suspicions regarding Iran’s intentions have reached new heights, with Russian government representatives publicly accusing Iran of carrying out covert nuclear activity and of striving to obtain the capability to construct nuclear weapons.

In Iran, on the other hand, there are increasing calls to regard Bushehr as a litmus test for Iranian-Russian relations, alongside calls to complete the construction of the Bushehr reactor with the assistance of countries other than Russia – or, alternatively, to rely on Iran’s independent capabilities

Also, high-level officials in Iran are claiming that the proposal made by Russian President Vladimir Putin to the U.S. at the G-8 summit in Germany in June 2007 – under which the U.S. would not deploy missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic for defense against Iran’s ballistic missiles, but would instead use, together with Russia, the missile defense radar station located in Qabala, Azerbaijan – proves Russia’s continued enmity towards Iran, which even surpasses the West’s enmity towards it.

This paper will analyze the Iranian-Russian crisis as reflected in the Iranian media.

May Russia and Iran have of the same peace that is between Hamas and Fatah.

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