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Guest post about Syria, Israel, Iran and the U.S. from GowronX

Posted by Atilla89 on July 12, 2007

This post is all GowronX’s words, none of it is mine so he takes credit for this post; if you want to see his blog (its excellent but hasn’t been updated since January)

On the topic of Syria, did you see this?

The UN is now considering calling the Sheba farms Lebanese, despite already ruling it to be disputed with Syria. What…the…HELL do they think they are doing? Working towards peace my ass, they just want to legitimize Hezbollah’s efforts to destroy Israel. But I guess bolstering Hezbollah’s rationale for committing genocide is nothing new. The UN already shouts down Jewish speakers with cries of ‘Jew Jew Jew’, and has to cancel holocaust sessions out of fear for the safety of participants.

Scew them all. With a powerdrill. They need to be disbanded.

Oh, and Olmert needs to be impeached. (ed. agreed, I wish the ‘Impeach Bush’ guys would come to Israel and say the same for Olmert.)
How the HELL does Israel expect to survive the Iranian nuclear program, with a leader who, in opposition to ALL expert analysis, still asks:

“Why does the answer have to be military? The economic sanctions are working and should be continued.”,7340,L-3423484,00.html

He then asks, “President George Bush said he has not rejected the possibility of a US military attack, so you should talk to him.” I guess he hasn’t taken a break from appeasing terrorists long enough to realize that after his amnesty idiocy which alienated his base, Bush can do next to nothing about any issue. I severely doubt he can even stop his own party cutting and running from Iraq, let alone do something about the cause of the problem Iran. If he hadn’t noticed, if Iran did anything like what they are doing now earlier in the war on terror, ie. attacking US troops and producing WMD’s, they would have been attacked in a heartbeat in 2003. The case against Iran is stronger than that against Iraq, thats for sure. Yet they don’t. I guess Olmert is too unintelligent to realize that things change in between his massive policy blunders.

So I suppose the US is going to be hoping a weakly lead Israel does something, and Israel will be counting on a demoralized US to do something, and they will all dance around economic sanctions that do not work because Iran has ridiculously large oil reserves until the second holocaust.

In the same article, the idiot also praises UNIFIL. You know, the brave blue helmeted warriors that are too afraid to go out at night, and to my knowledge have done nothing whatsoever to stop Hezbollah, letting their supporters walk around in open air carrying weapons without doing anything. He also still is trying to pretend he won in Lebanon. I guess to him, Israel’s survival is less important than his own political survival.

Mind you, you just watch as Israel’s support worldwide drops. Who on earth in the west would want to support a country that is so suicidal. Also, expect antisemitism to be on the rise, as neo-nazis and islamofascists get a sniff of the drops of blood diffusing through the water.

Now is it just me, or is there some communicable retardation disease epidemic on that no one has told me about?


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The best way to cheat for school exams – Fatah style!

Posted by Atilla89 on July 12, 2007

Trials are coming and I’m sure everyone is studying very hard (yeah right…). Anyway, I found this very funny article at the Jawa Report who got it from:

Earlier this week, some 150 Fatah gunmen stormed a number of schools in Nablus and drove out hundreds of students who were taking high school matriculation exams.

The gunmen were protesting against Abbas’s refusal to allocate secret halls for them so that they, too, could sit for the exams, without risking being arrested or killed by the IDF. The gunmen were later allowed to sit for the exams in special halls.

One of the teachers said most of the gunmen cheated.

“They opened books and copied the answers word by word,” he said. “We were afraid to stop them because they were carrying M-16 rifles.”

Only in Fatahstan…

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