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Well done Iraq

Posted by Atilla89 on July 31, 2007

I never thought I would be saying this, but well done Iraq on winning the 2007 Asian Cup. Although I wish it was Australia up there standing on the winner’s podium, I do realise the benefits that this should do for Iraq. Great stuff from Cox and Forkum




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Darfur Genocide: Blame the Jews!

Posted by Atilla89 on July 30, 2007

This is definitely a ‘lol’ moment. What are these idiots thinking and haven’t they realised its been done before? Anyway, when something goes wrong in the world who are you gonna blame? The Joos!,7340,L-3431281,00.html

Sudan’s defense minister, Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein, has accused “24 Jewish organizations” of “fueling the conflict in Darfur” last week in an interview with a Saudi newspaper.

Hussein was interviewed during an official state-visit to the Saudi kingdom last week.

A journalist from Saudi Arabia’s Okaz newspaper asked Hussein: “Some people are talking about the penetration of Jewish organizations in Darfur and that there is no conflict there?” “The Darfur issue is being fuelled by 24 Jewish organizations, who are making the largest amount of noise over the issue, and using the Holocaust in their campaigning,” the Sudanese defense minister replied.

Hussein added that the Darfur conflict was driven by “friction between farmers and herders and shepherds. Among the biggest problems is that of water, which is used to exploit the differences and fuel the conflict.”

“Are these Jewish groups supporting (the rebels) financially?,” the interviewer from Okaz asked Hussein.

“Yes, they provide political and material support through their control over the media and across American and British circles,” Hussein said, adding that Jewish groups were using “all means to fuel these conflicts.”

He added that Western reports of 200,000 people dying in Sudan were false, and said: “We talk about 9,000 dead as a result of either government or rebel actions.”

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Islamists in UK Jails

Posted by Atilla89 on July 28, 2007

Personally I don’t know why anyone would give a s*** about what happens to these guys but nevertheless it is still an interesting watch.

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Trust Arabs with Nukes

Posted by Atilla89 on July 27, 2007

Sarkozy is an idiot. Why would he does this. I’m guessing and LGF backs me up that this was the price of freeing those medics in Libya.

TRIPOLI, Libya (Reuters) — After agreeing to nuclear cooperation with Libya, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the West should trust Arab states to develop such technology for peaceful purposes or risk a war of civilizations.

Sarkozy said preventing Arab states from developing nuclear power risked stoking a “war of civilizations.”

France agreed on Wednesday to help Libya develop a nuclear reactor to supply drinking water from desalinated sea water. The reactor might be supplied by French atomic energy firm Areva. Sarkozy told reporters in Libya that to consider the Arab world “is not sensible enough to use civilian nuclear power” would, in the long run, risk a “war of civilizations”.

“Nuclear power is the energy of the future,” he said. “If we don’t give the energy of the future to the countries of the southern Mediterranean, how will they develop themselves? And if they don’t develop, how will we fight terrorism and fanaticism?”

In what universe does it make sense to say, “We need to trust their peaceful intentions, or they’ll declare war on us?”

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Sabaton – Counterstrike

Posted by Atilla89 on July 25, 2007

This is a bloody good song about Israel’s military. Its heavy metal, its about Israel ripping its enemies – how could I not like this song?

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Syria wants peace, no really they do!

Posted by Atilla89 on July 25, 2007

That is a peace where Israel doesn’t exist… More from Frontpage

Here’s a taster:

From the questionable counsel of the Iraq Study Group, to Nancy Pelosi’s rogue diplomacy, to the agitation of top senators for outreach to Syria, the notion persists that the dictatorship of Bashar Assad has undergone an important ideological shift — its own road-to-Damascus moment — and is now firmly on a course of concord and compromise. Comforting though it may be, it is a notion demands a willful blindness to some troubling facts on the ground.

Start at the Syrian border with Lebanon. Against the popular view that Syria has made peace with its unceremonious expulsion, after a 29-year military presence, from Lebanon, there are multiple reasons to think that the Baathist regime is mounting a new bid to reassert its dominion over its erstwhile subject state. Not the least trivial of them concerns reports last month in the Lebanese press that Syrian troops, in the active company of bulldozers, were digging themselves into position along the Lebanese border. Of all the ways to interpret the scores of newly constructed trenches and bunkers, the least plausible is that Syria has finally forsworn its designs on Lebanon.


Nor can one reasonably conclude that Syria means only to safeguard its frontiers. Indeed, securing its borders is one thing that the Syrian regime has resolutely refused to do, and with good reason: a porous border helps Syria to undermine the sovereignty of its Lebanese neighbor while arming anti-Israel jhadists. So overwhelming is the evidence of Syrian malfeasance on this score that even the United Nations — not distinguished by its skepticism about Syrian motives — recently published a report faulting Syria for failing to assert control over its borders and for shirking its responsibility to curb arms smuggling to its client Hezbollah. For its part, Hezbollah, clearly emboldened by the lack of a strong international outcry, has in recent weeks boasted of its intentions to destabilize Lebanon’s democratically elected government by erecting a “second government” to execute the Islamists’ will. Should Hezbollah make good on the threat, it will have Syria to thank for its success.

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Talk dirty about Venezuela and you’re out!

Posted by Atilla89 on July 25, 2007

Great stuff from Cox and Forkum.


President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that foreigners who publicly criticize him or his government while visiting Venezuela will be expelled from the country.

Chavez ordered officials to closely monitor statements made by international figures during their visits to Venezuela — and deport any outspoken critics.

“How long are we going to allow a person — from any country in the world — to come to our own house to say there’s a dictatorship here, that the president is a tyrant, and nobody does anything about it?” Chavez asked during his weekly television and radio program.

The Venezuelan leader’s statements came after Manuel Espino, the president of Mexico’s conservative ruling party, criticized Chavez during a recent pro-democracy forum in Caracas.

Government opponents argue Chavez — a close ally of Cuban leader Fidel Castro — is becoming increasingly authoritarian and cracking down on dissent as he steers oil-rich Venezuela toward what he calls “21st-century socialism.”

Chavez rejects such allegations, countering that democratic freedoms have been extended since he was first elected in 1998. The former paratroop commander says his government has empowered the poor by giving them increased decision-making authority in politics.

During Sunday’s six-hour program, Chavez assured private property owners their rights will be guaranteed under a pending constitutional reform.

“Private property will respected,” he said.,2933,290337,00.html

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What the surge is working?!?

Posted by Atilla89 on July 25, 2007

After 1 day it was declared that the surge was not working. BUT, read this from the independent journalist Michael Totten. I know it is only one area in Baghdad but take it as you want it.

BAGHDAD – 82nd Airborne’s Lieutenant William H. Lord from Foxborough, Massachusetts, prepared his company for a dismounted foot patrol in the Graya’at neighborhood of Northern Baghdad’s predominantly Sunni Arab district of Adhamiyah.

“While we’re out here saying hi to the locals and everyone seems to be getting along great,” he said, “remember to keep up your military bearing. Someone could try to kill you at any moment.”

Gearing Up War Eagle.JPGI donned my helmet and vest, hopped into the backseat of a Humvee, and headed into the streets of the city with two dozen of the first infantry soldiers deployed to Iraq for the surge. The 82nd Airborne Division is famous for being ready to roll within 24 hours of call up, so they were sent first.

The surge started with these guys. Its progress here is therefore more measurable than it is anywhere else.

Darkness fell almost immediately after sunset. Microscopic dust particles hung in the air like a fog and trapped the day’s savage heat in the atmosphere.

Our convoy of Humvees passed through a dense jungular grove of palm and deciduous trees between Forward Operating Base War Eagle and the market district of Graya’at. The drivers switched off their headlights so insurgents and terrorists could not see us coming. They drove using night vision goggles as eyes.

Night Vision Grayat Road.jpg

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Hezbollah: Rockets can reach all Israel

Posted by Atilla89 on July 24, 2007

Damn, damn, damn you UN. Oh and damn you Olmert. Here’s why:

BEIRUT, Lebanon – Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said Monday his group possesses an arsenal of rockets that can reach all of Israel, including Tel Aviv.

“We could absolutely reach any corner and any point in occupied Palestine,” Nasrallah said in an interview aired by Arab broadcaster Al-Jazeera and Hezbollah‘s Al-Manar television.

Celebratory gunshots and fireworks erupted in Beirut’s southern suburbs for several minutes as the interview began and after it ended.

Nasrallah said last year’s war between Israel and Hezbollah did not succeed in diminishing his group’s military capabilities. Repeating earlier claims, the Hezbollah leader said his group could already have fired at Tel Aviv last summer during the conflict, but had avoided doing so.

“In July and August 2006, there wasn’t a place in occupied Palestine that the rockets of the resistance could not reach, be it Tel Aviv or other cities,” he said, describing Israel and the Hezbollah guerrillas in terms usually used by the group.

“We could absolutely do that now,” he added.

In Jerusalem, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said Hezbollah’s rearmament “is a direct and grave violation of U.N. Security Council resolution 1701,” which ended last year’s war.

“The international community must hold accountable those governments, namely Syria and Iran, who by supplying weapons to Hezbollah are deliberately trying to undermine the United Nations, the Lebanese government and peace and stability in the region,” he said.

Nasrallah has previously said his group increased its stock of missiles since the war ended, despite attempts to keep arms from being smuggled into southern Lebanon.

In a speech in October, he said the guerrillas had 33,000 rockets — up from the 22,000 he said they had on Sept. 22.

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Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs. Avi Lewis

Posted by Atilla89 on July 22, 2007

This girl is good, she absolutely ripped this guy into shreds. My favourite line was “There is no Islamophobia!” Anyway, watch the video .

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