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Wacko Clerics

Posted by Atilla89 on June 28, 2007

Wacko Clerics

Interesting article from the Australian basically saying watch out for the more extreme clerics/religious leaders. I am looking at you George Pell as well (check the Chaser for a great segment on him and his ‘dislike’ of cloning).,20867,21952947-601,00.html

I support Hezbollah: Aussie cleric

  • Richard Kerbaj
  • June 23, 2007

THE nation’s most senior Shia Muslim cleric has attacked John Howard for backing Israel against Arabs and openly declared his allegiance to the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah.

Kamal Mousselmani — head of the Supreme Islamic Shia Council of Australia — said yesterday his entire community considered Hezbollah a “resistance group”, not a terrorist network, and lashed the Howard Government over its support for Israel.

“They (the Australian Government) are encouraging terrorism,” the Lebanese-born cleric told The Weekend Australian in an interview conducted in Arabic. “Australia is encouraging Israel to kill our people daily. Write that down, we are not afraid of anyone.”

Sheik Mousselmani said all of Australia’s approximately 30,000 Shi’ites were avid supporters of Hezbollah (Party of God) and haters of Israel.

“Shia in Australia consider Israel a terrorist organisation and also view those who support Israel in the same light,” he said. “That’s what we believe.

“If Australia supports Israel, they are defending terrorism. Because we believe terrorists come from Israel — not from our people — I support Hezbollah.”

Hezbollah’s military arm, the External Security Organisation, is a proscribed terrorist organisation in Australia, and supporting Hezbollah’s political and military wings is illegal under UN counter-terrorist financing declarations.

Sheik Mousselmani said Hezbollah was responsible for financially assisting and providing food and shelter for victims of the 34-day war in southern Lebanon last year.

The cleric said neither he nor Hezbollah condoned suicide terrorism missions.

“We are against the suicide bombings going on around the world,” he said.

“And Hezbollah is against it.

“Our opinion is that Hezbollah is not a terrorist group. We consider Hezbollah a resistance group. Put those words down, we are not afraid to say that.” Sheik Mousselmani’s comments come as national security agencies step up their investigation into the Shia community in Australia, which until now has not been as closely monitored as the Sunni Muslims.

The Weekend Australian understands security authorities are monitoring financial transactions between community members and organisations abroad.

Sydney’s Arncliffe Mosque, the largest Shia place of worship in Australia, and Melbourne’s Fawkner Mosque are also understood to be of interest to the authorities.

Sheik Mousselmani confirmed his community sent money to war victims in Lebanon following last year’s conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, but said none of the money went to Shia militants.

“People send money to their families … just like Greek people and Chinese people send to their families,” he said.

“No one from our community sends money directly to Hezbollah. Hezbollah is not expecting us to send them money. They don’t need our money.”

Asked if his organisation would send money if Hezbollah were to ask for it, he said: “If they need it, that would be an entirely different matter.”

Sheik Mousselmani said there was no threat of his views radicalising young Shia men in Australia because Hezbollah’s ideology was limited to Lebanon. His community was law-abiding and would staunchly oppose any attack against Australia.

“None of our people think this way,” said Sheik Mousselmani, rejecting extremism. “We love Australia, we respect Australia, we are part of the multicultural society. We protect Australia and we work for Australia.

“But it does not mean we like Israel. If John Howard wants George Bush and Israel, that’s his problem. We’ve got nothing to do with him.”

Sheik Mousselmani said Hezbollah did not have a branch in Australia.

“Hezbollah is not operating outside of Lebanon,” he said. “Hezbollah is defending Lebanon against Israel. We either back Hezbollah or we back Israel, and Israel is killing our people.”

He said the Arncliffe Mosque, Al Zahra, in Sydney’s inner south, was strictly a place of worship and was never used as a political platform.

The 36-year-old cleric dismissed claims his community received funds from Iran to spread the ideology of religious hardliners in Tehran.

He said the Shia community in Australia took its religious orders and advice from Iraq’s supreme Islamic leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali Husaini al-Sistani. “The Shia community has nothing to hide.”


4 Responses to “Wacko Clerics”

  1. Kamal Mousselmani, head of the Supreme Islamic Shia Council of Australia ,That makes him my leader I suppose. Well when the bough brakes folks and a leader is required you will find men like this LEADER and most of the elderly in the shiite community to be way out of touch with reality,let alone the comlex one Lebanese Australians must deal with. I do refer here to the groups of honest hard working people that are out mixing with all Australians and paying taxes and really dealing with the rest of the community,unlike Mr Mousselmani and his qlique of unsuitable self made clergy calling themselves leaders.Folks,Leaders should make the title worthy,these men think the title makes them worthy and thus is the attitude of these southern Leaders from Lebanon who simply bring to Australia nothing in terms of progress, They are a burden on the future of all shiite muslims who love Australia and are trying hard to make it home. On top of that he has the hide to go and speak on behalf of ALL the community in such a way as to label them HEZBOLLAH supporters- I fail to understand how he could mistake himself as a leader and I fear the worst for a community who allows such slander of themselves to go unchecked.This is the same Leader who recommends young boys and girls go away to Lebanon to find the future spouse they will share matrimony with,fully implying that this cannot be done here in Australia. I ask you Mr Leader are your children better than young Australians or are you trying to import your supporter here to Australia,if so,arnt they then Hezbollah supporters also? So I suppose that could be titled -Importing Terrorism. Get a grip and move on Mr Mousselmani you are holding up the free,the ones that will make your fore fathers proud. Since I dont see a great rush in your uprooting in our midst,atleast in the meantime,get to know your community and understand that they dont know who Hezbollah are let alone support them.They are brainwashed into supporting them by idiots like yourself who are braiwashed to start with. Maybe I should come down to the mosque and give your supporters a lesson on how hezbollah’s thugs implemented social justice on its people after the withdrawl of the SLA around the border villages aswell as how they dealt with the former women of the SLA who were left behind. I dont think they had Kerballa in mind.

    Solomon Marni.

  2. Atilla89 said

    Great stuff (referring to the comment above). I am glad that people like you are in the Muslim community – bravo!

  3. Good on you Solomon Marni,I am also a Shiite and I agree with what you say and I can tell you of many other areas Im familiar with about this group and what these so called leaders allow them to think is OK. It is a disgrace.They are simply a group of TAX Avoiding, Social benefit recieving,Proxy marriage providing,womens right denying, Anti Australian educating,Scarf wearing,smelly,SHOW OFFS.

  4. And I forgot to add, Compensation Kings of the Lebanese back,defrauding good Australians who realy are injured.All this and they visit the Hajj and on the return you see it advertised on each of there homes with banners….what miserable pride they have in themselves. Mr HOWARD,I bid you to start deporting NOW,As soon it will be too late, I recken they got something cooking in these brothels they call mosques.Allah Forbid this evil from the good mosques of honour.

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