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Salman Rushdie and ‘The Satanic Verses’

Posted by Atilla89 on June 28, 2007

Salman Rushdie author of the Satanic Verses (a critique of Islam) was knighted by the Queen because of his contribution to literature (he has also written fiction as well). Now the problem is that many Muslims and Islamic countries are against this because they view it as an insult to Islam. My view is that people should be free to publish what they want as long as it doesn’t incite violence (example of the Chronicles of the Learned Elders of Zion incites violence against Jews) and doesn’t demonise people, countries or ideologies.

So the Mullahs in Iran and Pakistan are in a fit over this text “We will give 10 million rupees (165,000 dollars) to anyone who beheads Rushdie,” Islamabad traders’ association leader Ajmal Baluch told around 200 people in one of the Pakistani capital’s main bazaars. Just look at how nice these people are, encouraging free speech and opinion…not. This is why we need to stop Iran from building nekes because it will be in the hand’s of these nutters.
Later Afzal Sahi — the speaker of the Punjab province assembly and a member of the Pakistan Muslim League party that backs President Pervez Musharraf — said in a debate that he would “definitely kill” Rushdie if he could. During a protest against Musharraf by thousands of people in Lahore witnesses said a large part of the crowd briefly chanted, “Death to Britain! Death to Rushdie!”
His book, The Satanic Verses, was seen as so offensive to Muslims that he was forced into hiding, under threat of death. The latest controversy over his knighthood appears to have shocked the people involved in nominating and selecting him. Jonathan Heawood, director of the English branch of Pen, said: “We have argued for a long time that Salman Rushdie should be recognised by the government as a giant of world literature. “I’ve been struggling for a form of words that does not sound naive but we were taken aback, everyone was taken aback, by the scale of the reaction.”

Anyway Cox and Forkum have a great comic, here it is.

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